How To Upgrade/Downgrade Your Huawei B315s-936 3G/LTE Modem To Any Firmware

Its been so long since i was posted the tutorial on how to unlock/debrand and the powerled error in our beloved  Huawei B315s-936 3G/LTE Modem now I am here again to post the tutorial on how change to other firmware you knows guys theres a lot of ways on how to change to other firmware but this is the simpliest way. So lets get ready get a cup of coffee and take a zip while you are reading this tutorial.


1. PuTTY
2. E5186 Toolbox
3. Multicast Upgrade Tool  refer from unlocking tools
4. Lan Cable
5. Male to Male Usb Cable


Zain to Polkomtel
Polkomtel to Zain
Middle East(21.300) to Polkomtel
Globe to Universal(21.313)
Globe to Play
Globe to Polkomtel


1. Connect your Huawei B315s-936 3G/LTE Modem to your LAN, Open E5186 Toolbox, enter admin password, and connect. 

Dont Click the Get Button. 

See the screenshot below.

2. Confirm YES / if the response was success then exit the E5186 Toolbox.

3. Next Open the putty type your router ip, select Telnet, Click Open
See the screenshot.
If you are advance you can use cmd, type telnet
4. While in putty type ati to confirm that you are already to your Huawei B315s-936 3G/LTE Modem  this so tricky while typing ati it will become double see like the screenshot below. so thats normal then below type the code:

5. Now your modem will become powerled so  thats okay in our previous tutorial this was happen too. Lets Unplug the power adapter in our modem not the lan cable beacase this is needed for upgrading.
6. Set the static IP.  go to  network and sharing change adapter and look for the tcp/ipv4 of your lan.
7. Open Multicast Upgrade Tool, Select Network Card.
Choose the firmware you want to upgrade or downgrade.
Take Note: If you are in polkomtel then the firmware must polkomtel to firmware.
See the screenshots below.
8. Next Plug the power adapter your modem, just wait the upgrading to finish then wait till  led become (Green) or in USB Mode.
9. Remove the Lan Cable then insert the male to male USB Cable in your modem and to yout PC.
10. Open CID Reader
Enter commands:

Remove USB Cord, Remove static IP sa LAN  set again to Obtain automatically.
Open your browser then type or look at your cmd in your pc type ipconfig the ip of your router will show too.
Then Login, Find in settings because you must  Restore it to Defaults, click OK.

and wait the modem to restart and relogin again.

Now you have succesfull Upgraded/Downgraded to other firmware.
Incase of any problem dont hesitate to contact me at facebook

Rey Omayan

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