Moving on…

It is true that acceptance is the first step to moving on. But I have always believed that we can never forget the person we love. Tanggapin natin that he/she doesn’t love you anymore but have you really asked yourself if you feel the same way? I guess you really haven’t gotten over your feelings for him/her

Acceptance will put one foot forward to the road of recovery. But the only way to move on completely is to get the other foot out from the love that binds your heart to him.

For most of us, there will always be a past that will remind us of beautiful memories that we wish would come back to life. But the difference between those who have found real happiness and those who are tirelessly searching for it lies in their ability to stop living in their past and wishing for the things that could have been. Happy people are those who know how to accept the verdict of the past and forgive themselves for being part of it.

When we have loved and failed, we have to grieve for a while and then learn to stop loving that person. Only when we are able to do that can we open our hearts anew and learn to love again without having to be burdened by the guilt and the regrets of the past.

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