How to speed up the Ubuntu shutdown process

This simple tutorial will make your shutdown / cleanup process quicker than ever.

1. Start sysv-rc-conf on the terminal

sudo sysv-rc-conf

2. Inspect the list presented, taking a careful note for services (processes) that do not have an “X” on any of the run-levels (1 2 3 4 5 6, S). Make sure you write down all items with that criteria. Quit the sysv-rc-conf utility.

3. Open rc0.d, the system shutdown process directory, and list the contents.

cd /etc/rc0.d
ls K*

The command ls K* will show all items starting with an uppercase “K”. Now, with your previously noted items in sysv-rc-conf make the comparison.

4. Now change those matched items into lowercase “k”. For example

sudo mv K00ppp k00ppp

5. Open rc6.d, the reboot process directory, and list the contents.

cd cd /etc/rc6.d
ls K*

6. Do the same as step #4.

Reboot to see the changes!

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