FREE INTERNET FOR TM AND SMARTBRO (Visayas/Mindanao area only)

Items Needed:

1. TM LTE Simcard
You can buy this one to nearest dealer sim in your area.
2. Smartbro ( Either Smartbro Kicktstart as long as its smartbro)
3. HTTP INJECTOR (for mobile user you find it on playstore / for pc user see the link below)


For TM LTE users you must register for this promo

Type this:
SULITXT5 send to 8080
COC5 send to 8080
*Must register for the 2 promos
So you will need P10.00 load in order to avail in this promo. this promo is good for 3 days but you can try 1 month promo too

just type:
POGO99 send to 8080
SULITXT5 send to 8080 M
*Must register for this 2 promos
You Need P104.00 worth of load in order to avail.

For Smartbro User no need to register to any promo. But this trick works only in Visayas and Mindanao. no luck for LUZON users but you can try TM LTE. its proven working..

now lets proceed to the proper set up..

For PC:

1. Extract and Install HTTP INJECTOR when ask for installation password
put this a-dev1412 now lunch the http injector. you will see like this

remember the red mark because its really important now lets make a proper configuration. in the http injector go to tools and select payload generator and you will see like this

lets begin to configuring it..

Host / Domain:
Injection: Normal Injection

for the payload ( optional )
for the header ( optional )
mark the X-Online-Host and Keep Alive
the select GENERATE. example:


Now you will have a working payload works only for TM LTE.

whats next? will we need an ssh account remember there two types of ssh account. other websites offer free account which good for 3 or 7 days however you can ask me later if you want paid ssh account which good for 30 days or more…

Lets try the free ssh account at they offer free account.

Now Select the server you want i prefer asia. Then select which country do you want therefore i choose singapore.

then you will see any server there in singapore the other servers are limited for registration now i choose SERVER TCP VPN SG2

the create your username and password you want.

after the complete registration you will see a copy of you account copy that and put it to your notepad. remember that you account is good for 5 days only just register again before your account expire..

now lets proceed for the proxy and port this is very import if you dont have this you can no longer use this for free internet. In your accounts details copy the IP

Then go
put the ip you have copied and find

then you will see the result below.

Just choose any online proxy server there like and the port is 80 or 3128 it will be copy and paste to http injector

Now lets proceed for the ssh account go to http injector. select ssh

Lets put the account we’ve created earlier

Port: 22
SSH Authentication
Pass: 123456
Tunnelier: Bitvise
Mode: PF Portable
Mark the Auto Reco.

Now Lets go back to the Inject TAB.

Now Lets assume that you already connected to you wifi with TM LTE simcard which already registered to the promo. Dont forget to check the tunnel because its very important too..

check the log if you want to see the injector runs without error. After Hitting START it shoud be connected

NOW you can surf the web or watch you favorate movies online without any damn fucking limit.. or data capping..

For Smartbro USER this is the working payload or you can setup this payload

or simply copy and paste this and put to the payload box

CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT [protocol][crlf]Host:[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]

and hit START it should be connected.

For Mobile User Lets assume that you already have the http injector. Just apply settings which written above. or simply paste this payload in the payload box

CONNECT [host]:[port] HTTP/1.0[crlf]Host:[crlf]X-Online-Host:[crlf]X-Forward-Host:[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf]

CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT [protocol][crlf]Host:[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]

and its should be connected.

Good luck and dont forget to leave a comment if theres any problem in this tutorial.

IF you want a premium ssh account which good for 30 days dont hesitate to comment in our comment box or add me to you facebook..


a big thanks to my friend bj jimena for the wonderful works.

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