Why choose a four-letter .COM domain name?

Its okay to have your e-business with a lousy, or should i say “overemphasized” domain name, but of course to gain that attention, you need to do better with a good domain name. The internet is like a giant mall – where you flash your store signature and catch buyers attention.

The fact of having a four letter domain name are enumerable. Imagine if eBay have had to go with “ElectronicBay.com” as their website address. Not only its difficult to remember, but also prone to typographical errors. This will be particularly true if your brand is difficult to spell.

Example, Buinpadug-an National High School is very long and difficult to spell along with the hyphen. Therefore its practical to have a 4-letter domain as “BNSH.com” or “MyBNHS.com”.

Getting a four-letter domain can also spell fortune. Recently, Facebook acquired FB.com for a whooping $8.5 million dollars!

Here are the main reasons for selecting a four-letter domain name:

1. They are desirable;
2. They are easy to remember;
3. Less prone to typo errors;
4. Less keyboard interaction;
5. Marketable (profitable) in the future.

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