Dear Move ON

Getting over someone who has hurt us and betrayed our trust is not an easy thing to do. Being taken for granted and exchanged for someone else could be very disappointing. Our lives become miserable as we try to make believe that everything is fine just to keep our self-esteem.

it’s always easy for a man or some woman to say “I love you”. Sometimes both would lie just to save their faces and get away with their wrong doings. They would make you believe that they care for you even if they have someone else at the back of their minds.(yung iba lang ha)

SOme Men and other woman lied about their feelings because, deep inside them, they knew that they don’t Love you anymore. They thought that not knowing would spare you the pain but they didn’t know that you have been hurting all along.

Don’t let your tears run dry. Don’t starve yourself to death for someone who never respected your feelings. Someone who was never really worthy of your love.

After giving yourself some time to cry and shout it all, get back to life and move on. I know it’s difficult to let go of a love that you have kept for the past years. Learn to accept that it’s all over. Little by little you’ll find the peace you’re looking for and you’ll give yourself the chance to love again then you’ll find real happiness in the arms of a man or woman who will love you more than anyone else has.