Advanced tutorial for Flow Wizard (Jingling Flowspirit for Webmaster) SEO Traffic


Download: Jingling 4.0.3
Password: 123456

Description of Functions

1. URL Id

2. Web Address

3. Visitor/Traffic Flow

4. Status: [GREEN] working, [RED] there is a problem

5. Option: [LEFT] pause/restart, [RIGHT] delete link

6. Option: [LEFT] timed browsing, [RIGHT] traffic origin (see below)

7. Optimization (see below)

8. Add new Web Address

9. Add existing URL Id [optional]

Timed Browsing


1. Time line: 0 to 23 hours

2. Flow rate: 0% to 100%

3. Option: [Save], [Reset], [Default], [Cancel]

Traffic Origin


1. Option: [1] All traffic, [2] China traffic, [3] Mainland China traffic, [4] All except China traffic [5] Custom

2. Option: [1] Save, [2] Reset, [3] Default, [4] Cancel

Optimization Settings


1. Independent IP/Page Visit: 1 to 3.

2. Automatic access: Determined by IP:PV.

3. Refresh: Reload the current page only.

4. Re-Access: Visit the subpage, and open the origin page.

5. Matching: Visit a page with “matching string”.

6. Pop-up: Enable or Disable (if you have popup code on your site)

7. Destination: Enable or Disable (if you want to redirect traffic after page load)

8. Destination Listing

9. Destination Option: [Add], [Delete]

10. Referer URLs: Enable or Disable (“From” traffic)

11. Referer Listing

12. Referer Option: [Add], [Edit], [Delete]

13. Option: [Save], [Cancel]

56 thoughts on “Advanced tutorial for Flow Wizard (Jingling Flowspirit for Webmaster) SEO Traffic”

  1. hello,
    Very good job for jingling but :
    could you add please the instructions to custom the traffic origin ?
    Because i would like to add more of french traffic or may be by area in Europe instead of USA traffic (because when you choose “all traffic except China traffic” you receive lot of USA traffic… and i have a french site..). Thanks for your help and big bravo for your blog here !!

  2. Can u pls tell me why jingling is not working on my desktop. I tried several times…but the url submission option is not working….WHY??? I need help

      1. Unfortunately, this is not happening. I don’t know why..I used this software before..that time it as working fine..but for last few moths I was not using it..Now after a long time I started it again. But noticed the software is not accpeting any url..even the latest version..can u throw some light to this problem?

        1. can you delete and re-download it? then check your firewall settings, turn off your antivirus, etc. sometimes it can interfere with jingling like its detected as trojan

          1. that means the software will run with the antivirus off? in that case 100’s of other internet viruses will attack my PC..what is ur suggestion on this?

          2. try isolating it on Sandboxie, even if theres virus its contained in sandboxie sandbox… or install virtualbox and let it run there.

  3. When you say Visitor Flow is that the actual number of visitors that came to my website? How accurate is that option? Can you share please?


  4. Have you noticed that despite the increase in traffic, you get no increase in sales, or engagement with your website in the least? I think this just generates robot traffic

    1. I think you are the first person to be that late in realizing that fact…

      It’s robot in the fact that other people automatically browse the site with the program installed on their computers. This is just to increase Alexia rank, nothing more.

  5. I recommend to use VirtualBox and install JingLing there
    I have Avast AND Malwarebytes installed and it reported every second about malware, redirects to downloads, malicious javascript tec. and TROJANS!

  6. Guys,.. All have been really helpful. Thanks for the inputs..

    Could someone please tell me if this traffic can be used for Adsense websites to increase alexa?

    THanks for your time.

  7. hello

    how can i set the time limit? how to use for links? i mean it has to surf minimum 5 seconds…is it possible?

  8. what kind of traffic is this? I have just got it up and running and sending a whole bunch of traffic to my website which has CPM ads on.

    Is this safe or will I get my account banned?

    1. Its meant for traffic to lower your alexa rankings, if you want you can turn off your cpm ads for the meantime just to be sure.

  9. how do you set it to click through. for example i have a youtube video redircting to a seperat website would i be able to set ths software to clickthrough to the website? if so how? and…just to confirm, not just for me but for some other people also…is this for sure robot?

  10. Hola! mi pregunta respecto a “Jingling Flowspirit for Webmaster”.
    Como desinstalo el programa o configuro para que no se me abra automáticamente al iniciar mi ordenador?

  11. Can I send this traffic to ads3ns3 activated site?
    Is there any way to add anchor text from source site?

    Can you please guide?

  12. Hello, thanks for this post, it helped me.
    Please do you know how I can have this problem resolved? My jingling is not working again. If I open it, it will show 1/1, instead of the usual 4/4 and I wont be able to add link. The last time this happened, I have to reformat my system, I don’t see myself doing that again. Thanks

  13. are you using this program with this site? and it’s ok to put ads for adsense or alternative programs while using this jingling?
    im start using it today, i have another question, in the referer links option, do we add random websites or we should put specifc websites? i put random website but the traffic still coming from direct links not referer links, any help would be apprecited, thanks!

  14. I use it for my blogs and have chitika on it and other ads and being paid so from that you not get banned.
    Google your get banned i don’t know for sure.


  15. What should i say?

    Great Tutorial…

    I found it very hard to translate, as text is not formated as text, rather as image and therefor i couldn’t copy to googletranslate.

    Somehow, it looks like you did it, and let me tel you, i do not know if it is 100% correct, but even if it isn’t, it is a GREAT JOB!!!

    Congratulations for your achievement ;)

    NOTE: It is really a pitty that other people do take advantage of your work, and do not make a link to this great translation job, rather copy and take it as their own, as we saw in “http//thebot.n….download/”

  16. With regular scanning looking for a translation of this cute, helpful program, just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    No doubt you put some serious work into this, and you’ve simply done a great job. May bolts of good energy from a supercharged laser just light up your life with good and great things.

    Your parents (or someone, lol) did a fine job raising you to think of others besides yourself. Thank you SO much!

  17. so i was wondering is there anyway to speed it up, in about 8 hours it has only given me about 700 views (and yes i do know this is quite a bit) but just for pure wondering sake, is there a way to do it faster? i was wondering like a preloaded proxy list where it could just zoom through. or maybe a slider on the Ui, i cannot read most of it but it would be awesome to know if there was an acceleration.

  18. Last 4 days all my links are RED. But in chinese I dont know that is the problem. I pause them and activate again and then I get an error message in chinese, I press ok and then my links are red again…. any idea?

  19. Are these real visits? I mean, is there any proof of real engagement? I just want sales. I don’t use CPM programs or anything.. I just want sales from my site but Jingling won’t be useful for this purpose.. It looks like they are fake visits.. Just a robot that “touch” your IP address to increase alexa ranking.. but I am not sure of it..

    Can anyone confirm this please?

    ps: my malwabytes detects a lot of malware when using this program… Can anyone comment on this please guys?

    Thank you

  20. If I am promoting an affiliate website and my referral code is tacked onto the end of the url address, will the main website be hit or my referral page? e.g. main site – traffictsunami,co ; referral page – traffictsunami,co/index.php?r=biancamay

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