How to fix Power Only error on your B315s-936 Huawei LTE/4G Modem

Nowadays theres a lot of people complaining about this issue. A while ago, in this past few days I got the same problem for this modem now i try searching the web for possible solution for this but I wasnt lucky so i made my own experiment. Luckily my experiment was effective so I will share this method. on how to fix or to revive your dead modem.


  • Laptop/Pc running windows 7 32/64 bit. for the advance user you can try your own OS but it is proven for windows 7 os
  • Male to Male Usb cable ( If you dont have you can make your own alternatives ).
  • Tweezer / Copper wire/ any led wire.
  • Tools – Downlinks below.

Download : 936-PowerLedOnlyFix.rar



First of all I dont own the tools or claiming the credits the who did the real fix for this issue.

A big credits to them.

Lets continue for the procedure.

  • 1. Make sure you downloaded the tools above. extract the files folder in your Local C:\ in you Computer. see image below.

  • 2. Extract all the files in one folder up to you where do you want. and install the huawei drivers. see image below


  • 3. Go to the extracted folders  and run the balong just simply run it no need admin priviledge. you will notice an empty COM:# yes exactly because we didnt plug your modem via male to male usb cable to your computer.  see the picture below.

  • On the Image above i put the red mark on balong tools
  • 1st. click the ” … ” 3 dots in select the usblsafe-b315.bin
  • 2nd. Screw up your modem because we need to do the jumper tricks you can use any tweezer or a short wire to jump see the picture below


  • 3rd. On the image above use any tweezer or short wire hang it on the two circle led marked on the image upon hanging plug the power adaptor to your modem make sure that the power led will not comes up or else it  will be failed so make sure you did the it right and take out the wire you jumped on it.
  • 4th. If its ok. insert the male to male usb to your computer your computer gonna detect your modem  go to balong ang click detect. then the COM PORT will display if its displaying or if not make sure you install the correct driver. click LOAD and wait the blue bar finish to load you will notice the power led light comes after after the loading. you can exit the balong now.
  • 5th.) Go to. GO_HDLC.exe run it as admin just simply run and make sure you will the OK. whats written in there if not run it again . then just press ENTER key your keyboard. go_hdlc will close automatically.
  • 6th. Go to Huawei Flasher U will notice  some ports displaying on there make sure you put or select the correct ports to avoid any possible errors on there. to make sure of it go to  Device Manager at PORTs find the port number of 3G PC UI interface ex: COM6 depend on your modem what ports detected.
  • 7th. Go back to huawei flasher and manually write the correct COM  ports. and select the Flash.  then find the firmware folder where you extracted and select the zain.hmf
  • 8th. Now the Huawei Flasher will flash a new firmware and you will notice the blue lights on you modem. and wait it to finish or it will displaying done/remove battery and put in on again you can close the flasher now but dont unplug you modem.  go to you device manager and find the unknown device there. if its there the  in the properties on it. update the driver choose let me pick and have disk.  and the files folder which you copied to you LOCAL C:\  you will see a adb_driver_windows click on it select the android_winusb the drivers will install and your modem detected as android phone.
  • see image below


  • 9th. Now this the final procedure to revive you dead modem. Open your cmd run as admin or normal  Type this CD c:\files  please make sure that you already copied  the files folder  to you C:\  just extract the tools I, linked above.
  • 10th. COPY and PASTE all this code your cmd.

1st code:

fastboot -i0x12d1 getvar product

make sure product: balongv7r2 will prompted.

2nd code:

fastboot -i0x12d1 erase nvimg

Ok response must display.

3rd code:

fastboot -i0x12d1 flash fastboot fastboot-b315-baderase.bin

make sure OK response will display.

Done. If the code send sucessfully then your modem will be revive now and if its not do the procedure again make sure the you will not messep up everything.


Note: Please do this at your own risk.



gltimbreza – For the CMD Command

Mulot – For the Zain Firmware

rexzero – For the GUIDE and Middle East Firmware

and the others na hindi nabanggit.